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Foundation Leaks & Window Wells
A+ Rooter Inc.

Your Top Rated Foundation Leak Repair Company

A+ Rooter Inc. inspects your window wells and the pipework around the perimeter of your property’s foundation

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Window Wells & Foundation Leaks

Window Well Installation

When a window well isn’t installed, poorly sized, or when the window well drain is backed up, more than likely your window well will cause water to flow into the basement. Gravel inserted into the window well needs to have great drainage capabilities if not drain water may pool up. (Might as well purchase a couple gold fish and start charging admission into your basement. We like to call that the Shed Aquarium effect). Although this is no joking matter water will eventually get into your basement and a lot of it.

Water coming through a window in your cellar or basement doesn’t mean you have to replace the window. Windows are not design to retain or hold water. Your drainage system is not sufficient.

Please give A+ Rooter Inc. Plumbing Plumbing a call regarding all your window well drainage issues. We offer free estimates and let our experience assist you in making the proper decision.

Keep Your Basement Dry

Maintaining a dry cellar/Basement can help safeguard your foundation, wellness, and precious things in your property. Oftentimes if your house has a cellar/ basement it could possibly be constructed with no sump pump pit, then this means that your foundation drains or seepage tiles may tie into your sewer system.

A+ Rooter Inc. Plumbing can fix any issue you are having with your base drains, seepage tiles, or window wells.

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