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Are your pipes clogged? We can help. “Snaking” (or rodding) a drain line can fix both basic and complex clogs. For basic clogs the team at A+ Rooter Inc. rely on drain augers, also called a drain snake to clear up the blockage. For more complex clogging trust our professional staff to rod your drain utilizing our fiber optic cameras—free of charge—to inspect our work and ensure quality and efficient work while we de-clog your drains.

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Drain Cleaning Services

Does your business or home have clogged pipes? Are your pipes constantly getting clogged? You may need our drain cleaning services. Look no further than A+ Rooter Inc. Plumbing our professional trained plumbers are your drain cleaning experts. Please feel free to take us up on our $99.00 dollar drain cleaning special. Let us explain to you what drain cleaning is.

Power rodding works like Hydro-Jetting. Power rodding has actually been around longer. It was the alternative to digging out a pipe and replacing it with new.

How drain cleaning works is similar to sticking a flexible metal cable with a sharp cutting tool at the end of it that is smaller than the diameter of the pipe that needs to be cleared. Our professional technicians push the cable turning it thru the pipe, until it is stopped by the blockage.

The metal cutting edge of the power rodder is now put into motion. By activating the motor it will rotate the cable while it spins at a high speed allowing the sharp teeth to cut through any roots or debris.

The benefit of rodding is that it allows us to cut through large blockages clearing out anything in the way. It creates a larger opening and is better than using a snake which only creates a small hole through the blockage.

If you are in need of drain cleaning services please don’t hesitate to call A+ Rooter Inc. Plumbing your Drain Cleaning Experts! Take us up on our $99.00 Power rodding special. We just may become your favorite go to plumber. Call us at 847-838-0406

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